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We are an Odoo Partner in Thailand and working as implementation ERP partners. We were lucky and blessed to know Cozy Business Solutions. Our firm takes development/support services from them for few of our Odoo (OpenERP) projects, and we are pleased with the work that they did for us.We are planning to work with him even more closely for Odoo version 8.0 projects. Besides highly experienced in Core Team in Odoo India, which is subsidiary of Odoo S.A., he is also loyal and optimistic when working with his partner/client.To summarize, we think that Cozy Business Solutions is the right choice when come to Odoo / OpenERP If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. 


Cozy Business Solutions has contributed immensely to the speedy growth of our company as OpenERP Partner through the technical and functional supports our team has received from them on OpenERP/Odoo projects. Specifically, they demonstrates a deep understanding of Odoo across theversions released to date and all the modules without exception. They are able to quickly understand our clients’ business processes and map these to modules and workflows in Odoo and where these are not available out-of-the-box, they are able to customize seamlessly without limits. The thorough approach toengagements and speed at which they are able to deliver projects is highly commendable

I will highly recommend them to any individual or organization seeking to derive maximum value from the implementation of Odoo.


COZY Business Solutions has taken care of our greatest technology challenges (really complicated ones!). Their fast and professional service is admirable. I'm sure we'll do a lot more jobs together. Thanks for your support.

Dominican Republic

I have worked with Cozy Business Solutions and found them quite experienced, hardworking, and passionate and an insightful individual. They know how to connect with the team and easily pass on the skills to their colleagues. I would recommend them to anyone requiring their services because they will deliver them beyond the expectations.

Besides, they has a huge experience in Core Team in Odoo India in the past which is subsidiary of Odoo S.A. I would say that they are loyal to their clients and is positive to any work given to him.


Based on our experience with Cozy Business Solutions, they have been very supportive and helpful throughout the development of Our ERP Project. Our company, has outsource few projects to Cozy Business Solutions and they had provided us speedy response and bug fixes throughout the deployment. They are extremely dedicated to their client on the project assigned. The support given after the deployment by them is impressed and they are also willing to make any additional changes without asking for additional charges. On top of this, they consistently completed tasks assigned by the leadership on time and without errors. This is very critical for us to ensure the delivery of the project to our client and they had made this happen to us. 

Cozy Business Solutions had helped us to develop the project of blind construction company and photography film. They had done the customization in odoo to meet my client’s requirement by changing the workflow, product configuration, manufacturing and interface. Their final works had impressed my client during the deployment in terms of reliability , stability and feasibility. Hence, we continue to get new business and enhancement on the project due to his professional work. 

Their technical knowledge and experience in odoo had given us many idea to make the project much more reliable and feasible. They are one of our shortlisted outsource vendor that we are keen to work with. Obviously, based on their experience, dedication and support, i highly recommend them to others as an odoo project vendor.