Odoo Support & Maintainence

ERP Support and maintainence is an extremely important activity towards enhancing and extending the life of ERP software applications to suit new business needs in today's rapidly changing business environment. Maintaining enterprise applications is a tedious task from financial perspective as well as the reasource perspective.

We at Cozy Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have a well-defined processes which can be highly customized for customers application maintenance services and enable clients to cut down the reoccuring expenses by seamlessly maintaining and transforming business-critical applications to meet continuously changing business needs.

Our professional team has deep expertise in advaced applications and vast experience in providing application maintainence and support. we study the clients existing business system, methodology, technology, architecture and come up with clear cut solutions which can make more client profit and easy to use application. The team undertakes the daily IT routines which includes maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing and assessing the clients application for enhanced efficiency and performance and to minimize the upcomig maintainence related issues.

Few of the support and service benefits we offer are:

  • Quick respose time via real time resolution of any issue/bug.
  • Significant reduction in overall operational and maintence costs.
  • 24*7 support and maintainence of application systems.
  • Helpdesk and production support for problem and incident management.
  • Brings best latest cutting edge technology to improve performance of applications.
  • Problem and solution analysis.
  • Upgrades and system.

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